Make Google Fall In Love With Your Website

Link building is the process through which one establishes relevant, inward links to your website and helps your raises your website to a higher rank with the major search engines. Link builder help direct traffic to your website.

It’s vital to understand the elements of a link that is used by search engines, search engines use links in various ways even though we do not know the entire link variable factored by the engine, but we can draw some intelligence postulates through analysis of patent application and years of experience and hands on testing.

Below are factor that we might consider by professional Search Engine Optimization (SEO) expert when evaluating a site’s link profile.

Global popularity

Popularity of a website has a lot to do with evaluating the site’s profile. A good example is a website like Wikipedia has thousands of diverse sites linking into it meaning it is probably an important site as it is popular. For the site to earn the trust and the authority of a search engine, other link partners will be of much help. The more popular a site is the better the rank.

Topic specific popularity

The concept of topic specific popularity suggest that links from websites within a given topic community have priority over links from general or off-topic websites for example if you own a website for selling furniture it will earn more links from the society of furniture or house hold related site than it will from off topic site such as basketball sites.

Trust rank.

Most website use unethical means to gain rank by using spam website, to avoid this, search engines use a system to measure trust which may be based on link graph. Earning links from domains that are highly trusted can significantly boost your ranking. This is something that a top Richmond Hill seo agency would do for you.


Using anchor text.

One of the most commonly used methods in ranking website, if several links points to a page with the right keywords, the page stand a higher chance of ranking higher for the targeted phrase in the anchor.

There are other methods that link building can be also used as a means to boost your traffic to your website and make Google and other search engine love your website. Above are just but a few effective methods that have proven worthy of consideration as variables that can be used to evaluate links.