Advantages To Using Internet Of Things For Solar Power

With the US solar energy industry suddenly experiencing a case of unprecedented growth, there is a growing need for firms in this field to upgrade their IT networks and utilize the proactive resources available. The growth experienced is due to various reasons, but in part to certain key variables including a rising consumer interest in clean energy, newly available tax incentives, and reducing commodity prices.

Currently, the US is one of the largest global markets for solar photovoltaic electricity and the demand for this service shows no signs of abating. According to the Solar Energy Industries Association, statistics have shown that over 1,500 PV installations were available online during the first six months of the year. In comparison to this, approximately 644 new systems installations were performed in the six month period during 2011.

While this is a highly beneficial statistic, the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) has predicted further growth for the industry making this only a blip in the ocean. The president of the SEIA and Rhone Research CEO stated that America’s solar energy industry is on course for another record-breaking year with over 9,370 megawatts (mw) of solar electric capacity being used across the US. This is the same capacity used to power over 1.5 million US residences, including the White House.

Managing Solar Growth Using Proactive Monitoring Tools

While the solar energy industry reaches new heights, there are some practices that are experiencing a new challenge known as sprawl. More installations bring with it increased endpoints requiring monitoring and guarantees. For example, California-based PV firms are now as likely to have installations in states like New Jersey as it is to operate physical sites in a California-based city. Of course, solar energy firms could rely on the previous manual procedures to monitor operations; however, this approach is not longer viable because of the industry’s spread and scale.

In order to address this challenge, the solar energy companies are embracing the “internet of things” (also known as the “internet of everything”. The internet of things can be broadly defined as a development of internet-connected endpoints formed with machine-to-machine interaction. The internet of things is beneficial as it has the potential to change energy companies. For example, solar energy companies are able to install sensor panels for performance monitoring; thereby, providing a real-time insight for site management teams.

The president of Cisco Canada, Nitin Kawale, wrote in a blog post that the internet of everything notes that 99% of all things on the globe are not connected. If we were to consider this factor and link all things, what are the possibilities? Kawale stated that by doing this the world would be dramatically changed for the better – in fact, it already has by connecting only 1% of things in the past two decades.

Kawale pointed out that one of the internet of thing’s greatest contributions to the solar energy firms is big data and predictive analytics. One of the players in this market is LED Lighting Canada. They have developed sensors that are installed on panels are able to collect vast amounts of data, which are then used by the firm to gain an oversight into the installations. Furthermore, data analysis tools can be used to accurately predict future outcomes using past and present data available.

While the developing trends in this industry may be boons for the C-level executives at solar energy power systems companies; the internet of things with predictive analytics may not be used by IT teams that suddenly given more management tasks. The increase of sensors distributed will translate into more endpoints to monitor and the presence of predictive analytics increases the amount of pressure placed on IT systems to perform.

In order to deal effectively with the dual threats and network oversight, professionals should incorporate proactive monitoring equipment using out-of-band access. When this solution is used, IT professionals will be able to work more easily and monitor endpoints more effectively. They can ensure that all network endpoints are functioning correctly and predictive data analysis can be put into place. The internet of things with data analysis can increase growth opportunities in the field, but if no initiative is expected there is little chance of positive expansion.

Guide To Selecting The Best VoIP Service Provider In Canada

In today’s economic climate the issue of financial cost has become a significant factor in almost every individual’s life.  Studies have indicated that approximately 2 of every 5 adults in Canada between the ages of 20 and 45 are living with debt.  In addition, it is unlikely that the young adult of the early 21st century will have sufficient funds to retire at the typical “retirement age” of 65.  This being the case, cost needs to be examined when making any type of purchase including those surrounding internet-based facilities.  This article examines the issue of VoIP services and how to choose the best VoIP business service provider in Canada.

What Is A VoIP Business Service Provider?

A VoIP service provider is a form of internet software that allows one to contact other service users for free utilizing a high speed broadband internet connection.  The acronym VoIP stands for voice over internet protocol and offers communication across the internet services.  While this service is highly convenient being available to the individual whenever he/she is connected to a broadband provider, the greatest benefit is the reduced cost.  In some instances, it is possible to utilize a free VoIP connection such as; however, many larger packages used by commercial agencies require a subscription.  Fortunately, this is minimal and the reduced cost is a great relief on restricted budgets.

What Considerations Must Be Made To Find The Best VoIP Service?

1. The Free Trial

Due to the popularity of the internet and online communication, the number of VoIP service providers is growing at a rapid basis; therefore, choosing the ideal one can be quite difficult.  To ensure your chosen option meets your specific needs it is highly recommended that you find a VoIP business service provider with a 14 day free trial offer.  This 14 day free trial will allow you to use the service provider and determine whether or not it meets your particular personal and business communication needs.  If the service is beneficial, a subscription can be purchased once the free trial ends; however, if it is not suitable you can end the trial and seek out another alternative.

2. Deciding On The Equipment Needed

It is important to determine what type of equipment will be used when working with the VoIP business service provider.  This means whether or not you will be using hardware as part of the system or chatting to the laptop and using internal equipment.  Typically, commercial VoIP systems are similar to landlines and require headsets with microphones.  If this is the case, it is highly recommended that you seek out the VoIP system that is suited to this type of hardware and potentially offers hardware as part of the purchase.

Make Google Fall In Love With Your Website

Link building is the process through which one establishes relevant, inward links to your website and helps your raises your website to a higher rank with the major search engines. Link builder help direct traffic to your website.

It’s vital to understand the elements of a link that is used by search engines, search engines use links in various ways even though we do not know the entire link variable factored by the engine, but we can draw some intelligence postulates through analysis of patent application and years of experience and hands on testing.

Below are factor that we might consider by professional Search Engine Optimization (SEO) expert when evaluating a site’s link profile.

Global popularity

Popularity of a website has a lot to do with evaluating the site’s profile. A good example is a website like Wikipedia has thousands of diverse sites linking into it meaning it is probably an important site as it is popular. For the site to earn the trust and the authority of a search engine, other link partners will be of much help. The more popular a site is the better the rank.

Topic specific popularity

The concept of topic specific popularity suggest that links from websites within a given topic community have priority over links from general or off-topic websites for example if you own a website for selling furniture it will earn more links from the society of furniture or house hold related site than it will from off topic site such as basketball sites.

Trust rank.

Most website use unethical means to gain rank by using spam website, to avoid this, search engines use a system to measure trust which may be based on link graph. Earning links from domains that are highly trusted can significantly boost your ranking. This is something that a top Richmond Hill seo agency would do for you.


Using anchor text.

One of the most commonly used methods in ranking website, if several links points to a page with the right keywords, the page stand a higher chance of ranking higher for the targeted phrase in the anchor.

There are other methods that link building can be also used as a means to boost your traffic to your website and make Google and other search engine love your website. Above are just but a few effective methods that have proven worthy of consideration as variables that can be used to evaluate links.